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Ready to get started? We are here to get you fully prepared to sell our best-sellers in draft. Purchase your draft equipment through our website to get shipped directly from our warehouse. 

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To help you get started quickly contact your IGWC Sales Team for a discount code. 

Explore our wine draft program and reach out to our amazing team who are here to help you get started. If shipping out of the state of Florida, please email us directly to place your order. 



Click on your state for our distributor information.

For more information, contact our Sales Support here.



Point of Sale - Racks Request 

We are happy announce we have some awesome branded wine racks coming for your amazing retail placements! 

Each rack is in a small box, easy to assemble and ready sell wine from in minutes! 

Minimum 6 case buy in. 

point of sale video -tutorial 

With our new look coming out in 2022, we have a new case box with wild fresh graphics. With just a few cuts, 4 cases can be transformed into a sweet case stack display. Watch the 2 videos below for a quick how-to video

case stack copy.png
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