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Just a few things that we get asked a lot, so we thought we could put them here to help you out. If you have another inquiry for us, please just drop us a note and we will get back with you. Thanks!

Q. Where is the winery?

A. We have 3 locations - Between Ocala and Gainesville you can visit the Island Grove Wine Company HQ and/or the Island Grove Wine Company Tasting House. In Kissimmee you can visit us at Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens.

Q. Do you ever book large groups or organizations for tours and tastings?

A. Yes, absolutely. Please contact us through our form on this page and we will get you scheduled for a great tasting and tour experience.

Q. Do you sell wooden barrels?

A. No, unfortunately we do not.

Q. Do you sell empty new or used bottles?

A. Yes, we do have empty bottles available. We recycle all of our used glass, and customers are more than welcome to come to the winery HQ to see what is available to pickup before we take it to the recycling plant. Please call ahead and we can even check for you. We also will sell new bottles if our inventory permits.

Q. Do you offer donation baskets or participate in sponsorship opportunities?

A. Yes, we do. We look at each inquiry and assess them in terms of need, viability, and also availability. While we would love to help everyone seeking donations for their causes, we cannot participate in all the requests that we are presented with. Please just drop a note to us and explain your event or need and we will get back with you.

Q. Do you participate in wine or other festivals?

A. Yes we do. We carry a full festival and event schedule throughout the year and look forward to hearing about new opportunities to be able to share our wine with everyone. Please drop us a note if you are looking to have more participants in your event and we will discuss the opportunity.

Q. Do your wines have sulfites in them?

A. Yes they do, though they have extremely low amounts. We monitor our sulfite levels very closely, and keep them way below standard limits.

Q. Is your wine kosher?

A. No, it is not.

Q. Is your wine vegan?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. Is it gluten free?

A. It is.

If you have any other questions (including allegery questions) - please just drop us an email.

Six wine bottles of different fruit wines

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