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Our humble roots go back to 1995, when two blueberry farms in north central Florida combined to become Island Grove Ag Products ( IGAP ). We began with a clear focus: to produce high quality blueberries and blueberry plants. Through our working relationship with the University of Florida Breeding Program we were able to utilize on-site research to increase production and knowledge of experimental and newly released blueberry varieties. This relationship continues to this day, with additional trial sites at our southern Florida location.


In addition to our work with UF's breeding program, we also have working relationships with other premier breeding programs including UGA, NC State and the USDA. This allows us to provide the best selections for a wide range of climate zones. 


Our Island Grove location near Hawthorne, Florida has approximately 200 acres of certified organic berry production. With the release of new "low chill" varieties, IGAP expanded south planting plantations in the Arcadia, Florida area with another 200 acres of berry production, bringing our total berry production to about 400 acres.


In 2009, we began researching a value added product to our already thriving blueberry and nursery production. We wanted to create an innovative way to use our extra fruit from each fresh season. In 2010 the Island Grove Wine Company was born, where we began to use our fresh fruit to create exceptional fruit wine. Along with our skilled winemaker, Chase Marden, the team at Island Grove have grown the winery since then, with over 20 different offerings. 

Our main location is in the tiny town of beautiful Island Grove, in North Central Florida amidst the large oak trees and quiet country roads. 

We are proud of our healthy, antioxidant rich berries and the wonderful wines that we have created. 


Here at Island Grove we specialize in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries from our own Florida plantations. Along the way we began making different wines and now several years later, we have a whole portfolio of fun, fresh and exciting wines.

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