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These racks pictured above are the same rack, it just has the ability to be 3 or 4 shelves high to fit in your retail space.

Approximate size/capacity at 4 shelves high:

63" h x 19"w x 14"d

Holds 8 cases of wine!

Approximate size/capacity at 3 shelves high:

50" h x 19"w x 14"d

Holds 6 cases of wine!

Point of Sale - Racks Request 

We are happy announce we have some awesome branded wine racks coming for your amazing retail placements! 

Each rack is in a small box, easy to assemble and ready sell wine from in minutes! 

We require at least a 6 case buy to request a rack for your location. 

We do not ship these into the warehouses, we prefer to send them straight to the reps or deliver straight to the accounts.

Please fill out the form below to request a rack or racks. Our sales team will be in touch with you shortly. Cheers!



Click on your state for our distributor information.

For more information, contact our VP of Sales, David Taylor here.

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