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Red, White, and Boozy: The Easiest 4th of July Drink Ever!

With the 4th of July just around the corner, it's time to celebrate freedom and good times with family and friends. Whether you’re enjoying the day at a backyard barbecue, poolside party, or beach bash, sip on something fun, festive, and most of all, refreshing!

At Island Grove, we believe there is a sun-filled good time in every bottle, and our wine becomes the ideal beverage for this delightful holiday. So hosts and hostesses, get ready to meet your new go-to setup.


There are a few ways we recommend infusing this simply sensational drink with extra flair.

1. Frozen Berries:

Using frozen berries is the perfect way to keep your drink cool without watering it down! Just use the frozen berries of your choice and as they melt, they’ll release flavors, infusing the wine with a delicious burst of fruitiness.

2. Berry-Infused Ice Cubes:

One fantastic way to infuse your drink is by freezing the berries in ice cubes. Simply place a selection of fresh berries in an ice cube tray, and fill the tray with water or even Island Grove wine for an extra burst of flavor. Freeze until solid, then use these berry ice cubes to chill your Island Grove wine, adding a subtle fruitiness that slowly melts into the drink.

3. Berry Muddle:

If you prefer a more pronounced berry flavor, consider muddling the fresh berries. Take a handful of your chosen berries, and using a muddler or the back of a spoon, gently crush them to release their juices and flavors. Place the muddled berries in the bottom of your glass, pour, stir, and enjoy!

4. Berry Garnish:

Sometimes, simplicity is key. To add a touch of elegance and visual appeal to your 4th of July drink, use fresh berries as a garnish. Simply place a few berries on a cocktail pick or skewer, and perch it on the rim of your glass to create not only an aesthetic drink, but a perfect fruity pairing with your Island Grove wine.

Bonus tip for the hostess with the mostest: increase the fun by setting up a DIY drink station, allowing your guests to create their own personalized drink using the various Island Grove wine and berry combinations and the different techniques mentioned above!

Raise your glasses with us this year, as we cherish the moments with loved ones and celebrate a festive 4th of July, remembering the joy found in the simple things! Cheers.


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