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A Sweet Start to Blueberry Season in Florida

Just another reason we love being a Florida farm and winery- the excitement of an early blueberry harvest! We enjoy the short winter just as much as our low-chill blueberries do.

We’re proud to be blueberry farmers in the Sunshine State for more than 30 years! Because of our sunny climate and early spring, we’re able to produce blueberries from April to May, while most states’ blueberry season is from late July to August. Florida blueberries are the first to ripen in the country and have a short but sweet season. Not only do we have the first blueberries on the market, but we have the best! (Okay, maybe we’re just a little bit biased.)

Blueberries are actually one of the only fruits native to North America and are amazing wine ingredients because they add a unique sweetness and complexity to each sip. Island Grove Wine Company is proud to offer four different award-winning blueberry wines that showcase the versatility of this amazing fruit.

Blueberry Moscato wine

For those with a sweet tooth, our Blueberry Moscato is the perfect wine to try. This sweet wine is made with a blend of blueberries and Muscat grapes, resulting in a light and refreshing wine with a fruity finish. This wine is great for sipping on its own or paired with desserts like cheesecake or fruit tarts.

Sorta Sweet Blueberry Wine

Our Sorta Sweet Blueberry Wine is a lighter-bodied wine with a balanced sweetness that makes it perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening. The wine has a deep, rich color and is made with 100% blueberries. You’ll fall in love as soon as you smell the delicate, fruity aroma.

Kinda Dry Blueberry Wine

For those who prefer a drier wine, our Kinda Dry Blueberry Wine is a great option. This wine is made with a blend of blueberries and grapes, resulting in a wine with a subtle sweetness and a slightly tart finish. This 100% blueberry wine is fermented on its healthy skins for up to 30 days in small controlled batches to extract the unique tannin structure of blueberries.

Sunshine State Berry Sangria

Light-bodied and semi-sweet, the Sunshine State Blueberry Sangria perfectly pairs with anything from sunny pool days to cozying up by the fireplace. Wherever you are, sipping on this blueberry, fruity deliciousness with a balanced, citrus aroma will take you on your own personal vacation.

Whether you prefer sweet or dry wines, there is a blueberry wine for everyone to enjoy. So we invite you to grab a bottle, kick your feet up, and raise a glass with us to the start of Florida’s blueberry season!


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