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Sunshine State White Sangria

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Alcohol by Volume:

11% ABV

Tasting Notes

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Our Process


A delicious meld of fresh pineapples, peaches & mangos make this sweet, light-bodied wine a tropical delight.

Your senses will come alive with the fragrant aromas of pineapple, peaches, and mangos.  This fresh fruit blend offers you a light - bodied, sweet, fruit - forward experience that is pleasing to all. It is a lively, crisp wine with refreshing notes of walking on the beach. Best served chilled.

Our Sunshine State White Sangria is made from our pineapples, mangos and peaches. No grape is used in our process for this tropical wine. We create and age this wine in stainless steel, with peaches grown on our farm here in Florida.

  • 2020 Texas International Wine Competition - Silver

  • 2020 San Fransisco Chronicle Wine Competition - Bronze (Bottle)

  • 2020 San Fransisco Chronicle Wine Competition - Silver (Can)

  • 2018 FL State International Fair - Silver

  • 2017 FL State International Fair - Bronze

  • 2017 Drink Outside the Grape - Gold

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