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Sparkling Berry Sangria

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Alcohol by Volume:

11% ABV

Tasting Notes

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Our Process

• Crafted in Florida with Florida grown blueberries and citrus.

• Delightful blend of tropical fruits.

• Light-bodied, sweet red Sangria.

• Carefully carbonated for the perfect bubble 

Fantastic tiny bubbles paired with our unforgettable Blueberry Sangria make this refreshing Sparkling Berry Sangria an absolute must-have! Pop the top and enjoy this lightly sparkling wine bursting with blueberry, strawberry and citrus! 

Our Sparkling Berry Sangria is crafted in small batches from our 100% Blueberry wine produced from our Florida-grown Southern Highbush blueberries. Soaking strawberries, blackberries, limes, lemons and oranges to create a delightful and zesty sangria finish to complete the sweet blueberry wine. This wine is then carefully carbonated in our bright tank.  

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