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Four Festive Ways to Celebrate Diá de Los Muertos

Diá de Los Muertos is a primarily Mexican holiday celebrated between October 31st to November 2nd for families to honor and celebrate their deceased. Many people around the world choose to honor their ancestors, and while festivities and traditions vary, gathering together with loved ones is a core theme of this special holiday.

However you choose to partake, our festive and fruity Rosé, White, and Berry Sangrias pair perfectly with this holiday. We’ve mixed in some traditional and new ideas to give you a guide on some of the best ways to celebrate the Diá de Los Muertos this year.

1. Gather with your family and friends in celebration of life

Nothing brings people together like delicious food and wine. Cook a meal from your family recipe book (or order from a loved one's go-to takeout place) and spend quality time together this holiday.

2. Make sugar skulls

A sugar skull, like the art adorning Island Grove’s Sangria bottles, is a fun tradition and surprisingly easy to make. Using only a few ingredients and a mold, this is a great activity for family and friends of any age.

3. Tell stories of relatives who’ve passed

Recounting old memories and funny stories of your loved ones helps keep them fresh and alive in your memories and introduces them to younger generations who may not remember.

4. Raise a glass to those who came before you

This beautiful holiday can invoke many emotions, but important takeaways are that life is precious and should be celebrated daily and incorporating new and old ways to celebrate your ancestors and makes them proud.

So let's drink and toast to the people who have loved us, shaped us, supported us and taught us. Cheers to them this holiday!


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