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Roses are red, Blackberries are back!

Our Blackberry Wines

Our blackberry wines offer a unique twist with each sip. Made from perfectly ripe, delectably juicy blackberries, our wine gives you a smooth, round flavor and rich berry aroma. Full of antioxidants and less acidic than most other berries, blackberries make a flawlessly opulent wine for any palate.

Not sure if it’s for you? We think we can change your mind! Visit Island Grove Winery or find a bottle near you using our retail locator to discover your new favorite wines.

Blackberry Wine Varieties

Whatever your flavor of choice, we've got you covered. Island Grove Wine Company proudly creates three very unique blackberry wines for any palate to enjoy. Listed from driest to sweetest, our selection will leave you salivating.

This is a medium-bodied wine made 100% from mouthwatering blackberry fruit. Drier in taste than our "Black & Blue" wine, with subtle hints of charred oak and blackberries, this wine is a favorite among "cab" drinkers. (Sold Out)

Our Black & Blue wine offers the smooth taste of two flavorful fruits. This semi-dry, heavy bodied wine is a mix of 85% blackberries and 15% blueberries, a match made in heaven for those that enjoy a dry, fruit-forward wine. (Sold Out)

Our Bold Blackberry Merlot is a powerful and rich wine with warm berry aromas and intense fruity flavors of ripe blackberries. Sweet and medium-bodied, this blackberry and Merlot blend is the perfect wine for picnics and casual gatherings. Its soft, silky tannins and long balanced finish will capture your attention with your first sip. Best served chilled.


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