Currently we ship wine into the following states only: Florida. We DO ship merchandise other than wine into all U.S. states. This is due to licensing regulations in different states. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please note that we ship our wine and our merchandise separately. If you wish to purchase both, they will be in seperate transactions through the website. Thank you.

Wine is available for purchase by customers age 21 and up. The shipment will arrive by Fedex and MUST be signed for by someone 21 years or older. This product currently only ships to residents in FL.

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Sunshine State Berry Sangria - A delightful blend of tropical fruit aged with delicious blueberry wine with natural flavors. Perfect over ice on the boat or wherever the tides may take you! 

Vol 375ml, 11% ABV


Sunshine State White Sangria - Pineapples, peaches and mangoes get trapped in a can...stop us if you have heard this one before. This lively wine is crisp and refreshing with notes of walking on the beach.

Vol 375ml, 11% ABV


Sunshine State Blueberry Rosé - A light, sweet and fruity blend of Rosé grape wine with a hint of sweet & delicious blueberry wine. Pull one of these out of the cooler and let your adventure begin.

Vol 375ml, 8% ABV



Remember - each can equals 1/2 a bottle of wine. Please consume responsibly.

6 cans of Island Grove Wine Company 375ml

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