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Berry Dry Blackberry

This is a medium - bodied wine made 100% from mouthwatering blackberry fruit.  Drier in taste than our "Black & Blue" wine, with subtle hints of charred oak and blackberries, this wine is a favorite among "cab" drinkers.  

Black & Blue

Our Black & Blue wine offers the smooth taste of two flavorful fruits.  This semi-dry, heavy bodied wine, is a mix of 85% blackberries and 15% blueberries, a match made in heaven for those that enjoy a dry, fruit forward wine.

Kinda Dry

Our Kinda Dry Blueberry wine is a medium-bodied, fruit forward wine of dark purple hue and generous mouthfeel.  Rich aromas of blueberries, dark red fruit and spice are followed by flavors of black cherries and blueberry jam that bring to mind a fine Merlot.  This 100% blueberry wine is fermented on its healthy skins for up to 30 days in controlled batches to extract the unique tannin structure of blueberries.  It is an excellent complement to any meal, and is especially delicious paired with grilled steaks and chops.  Best served at room temperature.


Sorta Sweet

Our Sorta Sweet Blueberry wine is a light-bodied, fruit forward wine with enticing aromas and flavors of fresh blueberry pie.  This 100% blueberry wine is fermented on its healthy skins in batches to extract the unique tannin structure of blueberries.  Because this delicately sweet wine is easy to love, it is a crowd pleaser at casual gatherings with friends.  Try serving it with barbecued chicken and grilled fish, or paired with desserts.  Best served chilled to highlight its fresh fruit flavors.

Backporch Peach

Fruit-forward, light in body with a crisp Chardonnay dry finish, our Backporch Peach will fill the room with the unmistakable scent of fresh peaches.  This wine pairs well with chicken and seafood and can be enjoyed before,during, or after dinner.  Best served chilled

Crisp Green Apple

Our Crisp Green Apple is a clean, refreshing wine that combines Gewurztraminer grapes with the light, fruity aroma of green apples.  It has a distinctive fruit character married with a nice fruit-forward palate and medium body.  Sweet and crisp, the clean finish lingers with a touch of tropical fruit and citrus.  Best served chilled.

Sunshine State Berry Sangria

Aromas of luscious citrus, flavorful fruits and sweet blueberries will take you mentally to a tropical island, as you casually sip this light - bodied, semi - sweet, blend of fruity deliciousness.


Sunshine State White Sangria

Your senses will come alive with the fragrant aromas of pineapple, peaches, and mangos.  This fresh fruit blend offers you a light - bodied, sweet, fruit - forward experience that is pleasing to the novice sipper.  Best served chilled.

Cranberry Harvest

Aromas of sweet and tart cranberries place this medium-bodied, off-dry wine at the top of our Proprietor's Reserve list.  A winner indeed!

Holiday Pomegranate and Berry

Our unique pomegranate and berry blend is a fruity and sweet, medium-bodied wine with a slight tang on the finish.  This extraordinary combination of Zinfandel grapes, mixed berries and pomegranate is delicious on its own, or served with rich holiday desserts.  Best served chilled.

Tiki Tango Mango

Jump into summer with our tropical Tiki Tango Mango wine.  Aromas of fresh cut mangos and hints of pineapple and sweet papayas make this semi-sweet light wine wish you had your toes in the sand somewhere.

Bold Blackberry

Our Bold Blackberry Merlot is powerful and rich wine with warm berry aromas and intense fruity flavors of ripe blackberries.  Sweet and medium-bodied, this blackberry and Merlot blend is the perfect wine for picnics and casual gatherings.  Its soft silky tannins and long balanced finish will capture your attention with your first sip.  Best served chilled.

Southern Strawberry

Our Southern Strawberry wine is a fruity sweet blend of Riesling grapes and the essence of fresh strawberries.  This light-bodied wine will make you sit up and take notice.  Clean and pleasant, its beautiful blush color, fruity aromas and hint of sweetness make this the perfect wine for any outdoor occasion.  Best served chilled.  

Rustic Raspberry

Vine - ripened raspberries and rich Zinfandel grapes provide this wine with its delightful fruity aroma.  Perfect in balance with remarkable drinkability, this light - bodied semi - sweet wine is delicate and inviting.  It's perfect for casual entertaining and pairs beautifully with fruit desserts.  Best served chilled.

Blueberry Moscato

Sweet and exotic with its distinctive honeysuckle nose paired with fragrant blueberry aromas taken straight from our Island Grove blueberry plantations, our Blueberry Moscato is a perfect blend of 90% California Muscat Grape wine and 10% of our Sorta Sweet Blueberry wine.  This wine is a perfect poolside sipper and is guaranteed to liven up any occasion.  Best served chilled.

Sweet Winter Blue

Sweet & luxurious Vidal ice style grape wine blended with our sweetest blueberries of the season.  Best served chilled.

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