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Food Vendor Contract & Payment

Food Vendor Contract

Thank you for being part of our Fall event on Nov. 16, 2019. We are super excited to have you on board. Please see the below info in our contract and also complete the vendor payment section.

  1. Crafter/Vendor/Business are encouraged to set-up on Friday November 15, 2019 between 8am and 2pm.  Setup on Saturday will begin at 6:00 am and be completed by 7:30am on Saturday, November 16, 2019.  Business agrees to breakdown displays on Saturday, November 16, 2019  beginning no earlier than 2:00 pm and be completely done by 4:30pm.

  2. Crafter/Vendor/Business agrees that its booth will be staffed during all hours referred above.

  3. Crafter/Vendor/Business agrees to rent a space at Island Grove Winery Fall Festival for total Food Vendor fee of $100.00  Vendor Agreement and Fee are due by October 5, 2019.

  4. Island Grove Wine Company agrees to provide a designated area.  Merchant agrees to display only signs within their booth, which Island Grove Wine Company may, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.  Island Grove Wine Company may immediately remove any non-conforming or inappropriate signage.

  5. Island Grove Wine Company shall have no responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss or damage of any kind from any cause to the business or property or merchandise.  All expense of any kind in connection with transporting, packing, unpacking and insuring property or merchandise shall be borne by the business owner.  Island Grove Wine Company shall have no responsibility to insure property or merchandise against losses, claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever.

  6. Promotion and display of products must be confined to the business space provided.  Display areas may not extend elsewhere under any circumstance.  Crafter/Vendor shall not play any music or recordings of any sort, and shall not make any sounds or noises, which in sole judgment of Island Grove Wine Company could disturb or annoy other businesses or those attending the Fall Festival.  Crafter/Vendor agrees to abide by any other reasonable requests made by Island Grove Wine Company.

  7. Island Grove Wine Company may cancel the Fall Festival at any time at its sole discretion.  The only liability the Island Grove Wine Company shall have to the business in the event of such cancellation shall be to refund all rentals made to Island Grove Wine Company by the merchant.

  8. Crafter/Vendor/Business agrees to only promote services of any type, character, and quality listed in the application.  Island Grove Wine Company prior to October 5, 2019, must approve any additions or changes to the services, in writing.

  9. This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between the parties concerning Island Grove Wine Company Fall Festival.  The business has not relied in any way upon oral statements, promises or representation of Island Grove Wine Company in the execution of this Agreement.  This Agreement can be changed only in writing signed by both parties.

  10. This Agreement shall be constructed according to the laws of the State of Florida and any action shall be brought in the property jurisdiction in and for Alachua County, Florida.  In the event of any claim or litigation arising out of or in connection with the Agreement and/or event prevailing party shall be entitled to recover damages including, but no limited to, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees at the trial and appellate county levels. 

Saturday, November 16th from 8am to 2pm


Please complete form...

Please complete form...


Payment must be made within 7 days of completing this registration either by check or by credit card here on this page. 

If paying by check, please mail to:

Island Grove Wine Company

24703 SE 193rd Ave

Hawthorne, Fl 32640

Payment method:

Thanks for submitting! Please complete the payment method of your choice now.

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